High efficiency furnace installation and replacement can save you money!

Are your utility bills increasing? Are some of the rooms in your home too hot while others are too cold? Having an inefficient furnace or HVAC system may be causing you to pay more than you should for the overall comfort of your home. Our clients are always surprised at how small improvements to these systems can make a big difference in their home’s comfort and overall bills.

With Indiana Home Comfort Solutions’ electric and gas furnace installation and replacement services, these inefficiencies will be a thing of the past. Our company can provide the services you need to keep your home comfortable throughout the seasons.

If your heating system isn’t running optimally, is damaged, or not working at all, we can get you a replacement quickly and affordably. Don’t know what heating solution is best for your home? Our experts can recommend energy-efficient systems that use a variety of fuel sources to fit your home’s needs.

To receive a free estimate on furnace installation and our other HVAC services please contact us or call 317-804-4427.  

Why upgrade a working furnace?

Even if your furnace is currently running, an older model may only be working at up to 75% efficiency, therefore 25% of the fuel you continue to pay for in your monthly utility bills is wasted money.

With a quality HVAC inspection from Indiana Home Comfort Solutions, we will review with you the best furnace options and make quality recommendations, all while making sure that we address your budget and needs. 


Considerations for Your New Energy-Efficient Furnace

   Type of Fuel:   There are lots of options, but most commonly you’ll see natural gas, propane or oil-burning furnaces. There are even units that can burn multiple fuel types.

  Unit size:   BTU output, a measure of heating capacity, is used to determine the furnace size. The furnace experts at Indiana Home Comfort Solution can help you determine the size that fits your home.

  Efficiency:   A measurement called the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) tells us how efficiently a furnace consumes fuel. Older furnaces will probably operate below 80% AFUE, while you could expect a score of 95% AFUE or higher for newer and high-efficiency models.

  Modern solutions:   In some situations such as a very well-insulated home, a sealed combustion furnace may be a good choice. It uses neither a chimney or indoor air for combustion, but rather air piped in from outdoors which is then safely piped out as exhaust. The entire process is isolated from your home’s atmosphere.

Keep Your Furnace Performing Efficiently

If you have a furnace that is outdated, broken, or inefficient, we can install a quality replacement system. And with so much to consider and so many options, we can help provide expert recommendations to keep your home comfortable and reduce your utility cost.



To receive a free estimate on our furnace installation or any of our other heating services, please contact us here or call 317-804-4427.

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"There is not enough space here to describe how completely satisfied I am with this company. They are easily the standard by which all others should be graded!"
Mr. & Mrs. Flodder of Browsburg, IN

"You guys are great!! We still appreciate you finding out that our ClimateMaster is under warranty. Thanks!! Justin is the most knowledgable and efficient tech I've ever met. Please send him back for my fall service."

Michele T. of Zionsville, IN

"Steve Lindley came by on a Sunday to bring us the quote on our new system. He was very, very helpful. We will use him for all our future HVAC needs."
Mr. Engels of Pittsboro, IN

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