Save on Heating and Cooling Costs with a New High-Efficiency Gas Furnace

Did you know that modern gas furnaces are much more efficient? These systems will significantly reducing your overall monthly energy bill. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), high-efficiency gas furnaces can reach a rating of up to 98.5% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE), making these systems a great option for homeowners.

A gas furnace works through a ductwork system in your home by sending heated air out through the supply ducts, then the cooler air is collected through return ducts to the gas furnace to be reheated. This heating and distribution process is a highly efficient way to keep your home comfortable during harsh Indiana winters.

But is your current gas furnace running optimally? A ten-year-old gas furnace could only be functioning at around 65% efficiency. So while you may be saving money by waiting out an older system, the money lost in monthly utility payments really piles up. With a newer, more efficient gas furnace upgrade that can work at over 94% efficiency, you could lower your gas bill by 30% or more!

An energy-efficient gas furnace can be reliable for years. Let Indiana Home Comfort Solutions help you select the best heating solution for your home.

Learn More About Gas Heating Systems Efficiency Ratings 

Both furnaces and water heaters burn fuel to generate heat that will then be distributed to the air and water. The efficiency rating is the percent of the heat that the air and water receive. The heat that is not used leaves your house through the chimney and enters the atmosphere.

This means that when you have an older furnace that only works at 65% efficiency, 35% of the heat that you paid for literally flies out the window (or the chimney, in this case). Whereas, with a newer furnace at a 96% efficiency, that number dives to only 4%. That’s much easier on your pocketbook over time.

The cost of a new furnace does not even come close to the overall cost of fuel used by furnaces and water heaters over the course of time, so it absolutely is worthwhile to use the highest efficiency equipment available. Let Indiana Home Comfort Solutions help you with this affordable solution for your home!

Gas furnace Options 

  BTU Output:   This measurement determines how much heat or other energy a given appliance is generating. It’s very useful when trying to figure out if a unit can heat a given space. The amount of heat energy the furnace can produce, is measured in thousands of BTUs.

   Efficiency:   A measurement called the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) tells us how efficiently a furnace consumes fuel. Older furnaces will probably operate below 80% AFUE, while you could expect a score of 95% AFUE or higher for newer and high-efficiency models.

   Physical Size:   The configuration of your unit may depend on where the blower is located in relation to the heat exchanger. If they are stacked, the unit would be called a “high-boy” configuration. If they are side by side, it would be referred to as a “low-boy” because of its shorter stance. 

   Types of combustion:   There are a couple of different types of combustion which could power a furnace: “sealed combustion” and “atmospheric combustion”. Read more to discover what’s right for your home.

Efficiency and Safety With a Sealed-Combustion Solution

The combustion process in a sealed combustion unit is completely controlled and isolated from your living space because the combustion chamber only uses and exhausts outdoor air. The air required for combustion is pumped through a small-diameter plastic pipe from outside of the house into the combustion chamber. Then a small fan pumps the exhaust gasses back outside through another small pipe, so no chimney is required! Because of this, it’s often referred to as a “direct vent” system.

Sealed-combustion earns AFUE ratings of 90% or higher and is considered super-efficient. Almost all of the heat potential of the fuel is used/removed, meaning that the exhaust gasses are cool enough to pass through a small plastic tube. A small amount of condensate is produced as a part of this cycle, but can be easily piped into a floor drain.

When looking to replace an old furnace, a sealed combustion system is a fantastic solution. It will not only save you money on your monthly gas bill, but by its nature, a sealed-combustion furnace is a safer choice because any hazardous combustion gasses exchanged are isolated from the living spaces in your home.

Start saving energy and money with a furnace upgrade.

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