A home energy audit is a vital first step before making energy-saving or HVAC home improvements.

A home energy audit often times should be your first step before making energy-saving home improvements.  Indy Home Comfort Solutions rigorous assessment provides you with a complete picture of your home’s energy use.

Instead of receiving improvements your home is not in need of or making uninformed decisions, you should take advantage of our team of experts to create a list of necessary improvements.

Do you experience any of these problems?

  Rooms too hot or too cold?  If certain rooms get really hot in the summer or cold in the winter then your home’s insulation needs evaluated. An Energy Audit can pinpoint the exact source causing the problem!

  Cold floors?  Having cold floors is a sign that your basement or crawlspace insulation needs reevaluated!

  Drafty rooms?   If the temperature in your home appears to fluctuate from room to room you may have an issue with your insulation! This is especially true if you have a multi-level home and experience temperature differences on each level.

  Older home?   If your home was built before 2012, then it may not be up to code! The energy code for home builders that is used today did not become required until 2012. The older your home is, the more important it is to have an energy evaluation performed!

  High energy bills?   Is it costing you a fortune to heat or cool your home? Your heating and cooling system may not be to blame. Problems such as leaky duct work, under insulated attic, rotten or old fiberglass insulation could all be causing your heating and cooling system to work harder.

  Excessive dust?   Do you find that your home is still dusty after cleaning it? Then you are not crazy! You have an air-sealing and insulation problem. A certified professional from IndyHCS can inspect your attic and ducts to find the exact source of the problem and stop excessive dust build-up.

  Mold and allergens?   Signs of mold are related to poor ventilation issues, rotten or old batt insulation, and moisture build-up. Allergens are very problematic to a lot of people but when you are experiencing them inside your home, it may be time to have a professional inspect your home’s indoor air quality!

  Can lights?   Can lights look great in a home but they leak a lot of air! Air that you paid for goes right into the unconditioned attic. IndyHCS has solutions to prevent that from happening!

Benefits of Our Custom Energy Audit:

Energy problems are unique to each individual home, that is why a home energy audit can provide the best solutions specific to your needs.  Benefits of a custom energy audit include:

  • Receiving a step-by-step comprehensive guide with detailed recommendations of the improvements that will make your home energy efficient.
  • Saving up to 30% of your energy bill.
  • Preventing you from wasting money on systems that will not affect your energy efficiency.
  • Identifying where your energy problem exists and providing efficient solutions.

What to Expect During a Home Energy Audit

A Indiana Home Comfort Solutions home energy audit provides you with a thorough analysis of all the systems and conditions that factor in your home’s energy use.

Conducted by certified energy specialist, this energy evaluation process involves a series of tests, inspections and calculations. During a blower door and infrared test, you’ll learn how much air leakage your house has compared to a house that has been air-sealed to the recommended standards.

Our specialists will be inspecting your entire home, including the attic, basement, crawlspace, ductwork and HVAC system for its efficiency, safety and function.  Once the audit is complete, our team will explain where the energy is being wasted and the possible solutions for the problem.

Indiana Home Comfort Solutions wants to help you understand your home’s needs so that you make the best decision for your home.

There is no need to make assumptions about your home. It is better to take the safer route and make an educated decision. Indiana Home Comfort Solution can help!

Let Us Inspect Your Home & Get the Right HVAC Solution

To keep your home at a comfortable temperature, many systems work together. If one of them malfunctions, it can affect the productivity of the whole system. An example of this is when the HVAC has to work harder because there is a leak in the duct system.

If you know what the problem is, contact us and we can provide the required services. However, if you are unsure where the issue resides, a home energy audit can provide the answers you seek.

Indiana Energy Experts You Can Trust

IndyHCS is one of Central Indiana’s leading energy service contractors, therefore our technicians are trained at our facilities. Unlike other companies we can perform the home energy audit and provide the services that are required to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Contact the energy experts at Indiana Home Comfort Solutions today.

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