Gas Heating Systems – Affordable and Convenient 

Gas heating systems are reliable, affordable, convenient, comfortable, and more efficient. While replacing a gas furnace may sound like a daunting task, it will save you money in the long run.  A ten-year-old gas furnace can be functioning at only 65%, while a newer more efficient gas furnace can work at over 94% efficiency. A change to a more efficient gas furnace can lower your gas bill by 31%!

Efficiency Ratings for Gas Heating Systems

Both furnaces and water heaters burn fuel to generate heat that will then be distributed to the air and water. The efficiency rating is the percent of the heat that the air and water receive. The heat that is not used leaves your house through the chimney and enters the atmosphere.

This means that when you have an older furnace that only works at 65% efficiency, 35% of the heat that you paid for literally flies out the window (or the chimney, in this case).  Whereas, with a newer furnace at a 96% efficiency, that number dives to only 4%. That’s much easier on your pocketbook over time.

The cost of a new furnace does not even come close to the overall cost of fuel used by furnaces and water heaters over the course of time, so it absolutely is worthwhile to use the highest efficiency equipment available. Let Indiana Home Comfort Solutions help you with this affordable solution for your home!

What’s the Difference Between Propane and Natural Gas?

Similar to many other gas-burning appliances, gas-fired furnaces and boilers can easily be changed to burn propane or natural gas fuel to more efficiently heat for your home.

So what’s the difference? Propane holds more energy than natural gas, therefore to create a certain amount of heat, less propane will be consumed. However, natural gas is less expensive than propane.

Choosing between the two often depends on what is accessible. Natural gas enters the home through an underground pipe, while propane is stored in a tank located outside of the home and is refilled as needed by a truck from a local propane dealer. Small propane tanks, the kind used in grills, can be bought and refilled by the homeowner, but obviously will require more legwork.

Natural gas and propane both have a smaller environmental footprint than fuel when combusted. Additionally, the planned development of natural gas reserves in the U.S. has promised to maintain stable prices for natural gas and propane over the course of time.

Let Us Help You Find the Right Solution for Your Home?

At Indiana Home Comfort Solutions, our commitment is to help you find the right solution based on your needs and budget. We also offer yearly maintenance plans to help customers save money and keep their system running at optimal performance. Call us today. We’re excited to get you started.

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