Same Great Company, New Name!

May 7, 2015 | News

The locally owned company, Lindley Heating & Cooling , has recently changed their name to Indiana Home Comfort Solutions. Many people ask, “What lead the company to change their name?” Simple, an expansion of products and services….

Changing Names

….It all started with becoming a Carrier 360 Dealer. “The Carrier corporation requires us to keep our employees certifications up to date and to complete several days of industry related training annually to maintain the status of a 360* dealer,” as explained by Steve Lindley, owner of the company. Throughout some of the training, the company learned about BPI and the new standards coming into effect regarding the homes envelope and efficiencies. As a result, Steve Lindley decided to become BPI certified. This was not an easy certification as it took months of training and a lot of studying to prepare him for the 3 hour video recorded field test. After he earned his BPI certification, he began conducting thorough research to find out who was doing Home Performance testing. That is when he discovered Dr. Energy Saver Corporation. “Not only are we the experts in Quality HVAC sales, service & installations, but since teaming up with Dr. Energy, we are also one of the very few companies to offer complete home comfort in Indiana,” says Steve.

An expansion of products & Services

“We always thought we could fix everything by upgrading the furnace and filtration system. We were getting a lot of calls from customers having problems with hot and cold spots, high utility bills, dust, and poor air quality. After all of our training, we realized that the problems our customers were having had a lot to do with everything but the furnace! When it comes to heating and cooling, you have to look at the home as a whole system. This means looking at the furnace, insulation, framing, attic, crawl space, basement, and windows,” says Steve. This new outlook prompted the company to expand their services to include HVAC installation, maintenance and repair, duct sealing, insulation, crawl space encapsulation, duct cleaning & sanitizing, sani-dry systems for basements and more! They now have the tools and training necessary to look at the whole house and figure out what is causing the problems home owners are experiencing and offer solutions to provide them with complete home comfort. You can check out more details on their website!

How will the company change?

Lindley Heating & Cooling is not going away. It is still useful for the company so use it for service and maintenance purposes. Changing the name to Indiana Home Comfort Solutions allows the company to expand their horizons by showing people that they offer much more than before. Additionally, the company’s goals and mission will not change! Steve continues to find ways to make the company’s community connection stronger and provide his clients with the most comfortable, healthy, safe and affordable home environment possible by acting with trust and integrity. Along with an expansion of products and services, the company has begun to integrate a new software system. You heard it first here folks, the company is going paperless! “We have been recycling for years so why not cut down on our use of paper? In our efforts to help home owners conserve energy and make their homes be more energy efficient, we feel that it only makes sense for us to be as efficient and conservative as we can,” states Angila, an executive at IHCS. With an improved software system in place, every department at Indiana Home Comfort Solutions will be able to focus more on the real task at hand, providing quality service to clients! Additionally, the company has begun increasing their online presence. From exploring products and service to an inside look at jobs, their website provides the public with a firsthand look into what they do. Just hop on their website to see what type of jobs they are doing in your area and learn more about the professionals working for the company!

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